House building and entertaining children

Yesterday and today, we are working on the house. On our way there, yesterday, we passed about 60 prisoners  doing serious community work helping to reconstruct a road. Typical of the government’s constructive and practical approach to things.

Work on the house had already begun, but we soon got involved moving large planks to the right locations and then nailing them to create the outer walls. Our skills were no match to the ‘locals’ but they appreciate and support our best efforts.

Children began to arrive and were entertained in various ways, including body painting, skipping, football and catch ball.

Here are some pictures.


A wet Peace Guest House welcomed us.

We are safely arrived at Peace Guest House after a good journey even if a wet one as we went over the Nyungwe rain forest. Our intrepid canopy walkers had a challenging job dealing with wet surfaces and steep climbs at 8000ft., but they are still smiling.

Here they are before they set off. You will recognise three from the Gaven Valley, the rest of us had a rest!




We’ve arrived

7b052fef-0031-42bb-9171-8380ad0356feHere we are safely arrived in Kigali, after an excellent journey.  We have joined up with 4 friends from southover Church, Lewes – the Church we originally came out here with in 2010. Here we are enjoying supper together.

We set off for Cyangugu tomorrow with some of us enjoying a forest canopy walk at 8000 ft. on the way down.

Sunday’s Cathedral opening promises to be ‘something else’. No fewer than 3 Archbishops will be there!

We’ll keep you posted.


Two weeks to go!

We are getting really excited about our trip to Rwanda – we leave early in the morning on Tuesday 15 January.  We are busy making final preparations. Ten boxes of water filters are here now. Some of them have additional space for small items e.g. reading glasses. Our next job is to use up every available space!

Fundraising has gone really well. People in our local community have ben very generous and we have reached the original target we set ourselves. We have received enough money to pay for the water filters, to have a house built and furnished, to provide African Bible Commentaries, and to pay for training of local teachers in the processes very similar to the ones we use here for ‘Open the Book’. The filters and Commentaries are mainly for pastors in the Congo, who come over to visit us and collect them. As you know, things are not at all good in Congo.

Once in Rwanda, I shall have to relearn how to operate this website from our iPad. Watch this space.

We would very much value your prayers.