Fund raising event

Here’s an advance notice of an event Judy Pegden is running to raise funds for our trip.

‘Rwanda Day – Supporting Those In Need’ – 16th August – 10am – 5pm. Blakeney Quay.

If you can help in any way on the day, or if you can make things she can sell, or good quality items which can be sold, please let her know by replying to this blog.

The money will help to provide water filters, materials for schools, clothes for children, materials to build a house for a needy family….and probably other things which come to our notice between now and January 23rd 2015 when we set off.

Good news…we have an addition to our group…there will now be 11 of us going from the Glaven Valley. All tickets booked!

The journey has started!

We are now committed! We’ve taken our first steps towards our trip, that is, securing our group return flights to Kigali. We get a very good price buying our tickets this early! There are 10 of us, possibly 11, going from the Glaven Valley. We leave Norwich Airport at 6 20 am on Friday 23 January arriving back two weeks later. Jonathan Lamb has booked our accommodation at Solace Guest House in Kigali and at Peace Guest House in Kamembe. He is now working on the details of our itinerary and activities. ¬†We shall start our fund-raising for water filters in the early Autumn.