Chimpanzees and Congo pastors

This morning 8 of our party were up at 5 am to go on an organised mountain trail to see wild life, in particular chimpanzees. They had a wonderful time.  What they saw and heard far exceeded their expectations. They saw a very active colony of chimpanzees, a large number of Dent’s monkeys and also a very large baboon, looking very aggressive. Without their calm ranger guide, they would probably have run away.

We were privileged to welcome 5 Congolese pastors to lunch but the first one arrived at 7 30 am. After lunch we held a little ceremony when we presented them with water filters, African bible commentaries, reading glasses and other small gifts. We were moved by their speeches of acceptance. They are so appreciative of what we bring them. They  told us of the effectiveness of the water filters in reducing water borne diseases; also that the commentaries were very valuable in strengthening and encouraging the faith of Christians.

We had the usual drama at the border as we negotiated a price for carrying the water filters 20 m to the waiting cars!


Mud slinging, school and clinic

This is yesterday’s ‘blog’ which I missed.

Yesterday morning we made a second visit to the house building project. Things had moved on – the outer walls were nearly complete, so some of us helped finish that work, whilst others enjoyed throwing large balls of mud onto the wall framework. Dirty work but very therapeutic!

Lots more children arrived, as we expected, and our team entertained them with face painting, threading beads to make necklaces, and many other activities.

In the afternoon, we visited St Matthew’s School. We sang a couple of songs to them which they joined in singing, having learned them very quickly. Their singing to us showed us up!

We followed this by a visit to the Health Clinic nearby, and noticed a vast improvement since our last visit two years ago. Both the school and the Clinic are run by the Diocese.