Training Sunday School teachers

This is the first day of two in which we are training Sunday School teachers. Our aim is to equip them to use a smimilar approach as we use in ‘Open the Book’ to help children know and understand stories from the Bible. It involves acting out the stories. We wrote the materials ourselves and provided some very simple ‘props’, such as headdresses and tabards. After we had modelled two stories for them, they very quickly got the idea. There are 20 of them, divided into 3 groups. Each group took on the task of  acting a story themselves with great enthusiasm and treated us to some accurate but entertaining ‘productions’! A great first day. Tomorrow, they write their own story and act it out.

A wonderful celebration!

What a day we had celebrating the opening of the new Kamembe Cathedarl! The Africans know how to celebrate and it was a joy to share this special time with them. It was so colourful – 3 archbishops and 20 bishops, in their regalia, the women in quite stunningly beautiful dresses, and everyone else in ther ‘Sunday best’.  The local community leaders were there as representatives of other churches. There were 3 choirs including one from Bukavu, over the water in Congo. There was spontaneous dancing to accompany one song! It would be impossible to convey the spirit, joy and meaning of the service ina few words. We felt privileged to be there. Bishop Quigg,from Virginia, gave a vibrant and challenging sermon. It was all so uplifting and encouraging.

Pictures can’t tell the whole story as you really need to hear the sound which go with them but here are a few.