Message from Gill Griffith of the Safe Water Trust

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John and Gill Griffith are the founders of the Safe Water Trust and design and produce the Aquafilters which we take out. They have just come back from touring the Rwanda and Kenya, monitoring various water filter programmes. Here is a word posted by Gill on Facebook just before they came back home:

“On Tuesday went to an island on Lake Kivu, near Cyangugu and the Congo border. 
We carried out a preliminary training session in preparation for 400 family filters to arrive and be distributed in January, donated by friends of Claude Scott and his Church in Blakeney.”

These photos show them (i) disembarking for Nkombo Island and (ii) training people there in how to use the filters.

Good news again!

We have had a huge amount of support from everyone locally for our filter project. Enough money has been raised here to buy 200 filters. This has been ‘match funded’ by a water engineer friend of ours who goes to Rwanda often and has just come back from a visit there. The result is that, between us and another water filter project in the area with whom we are collaborating, enough filters will be distributed to provide safe drinking water for most of Nkombo Island, one of the poorest parts of Rwanda. That’s 18000 people!! A wonderful outcome from a small beginning, and all possible because of the generosity of so many of you in the Glaven Valley. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated money or has helped in the fund-raising!

The job’s not finished, though. Now we need to fund the purchase of at least 6 ‘community’ filters – big ones that can serve 500 people or so each – to give to our friends in the Congo.