Training grand finale

What a wonderful day we had yesterday! Each of the 3 groups entered wholeheartedly into the task of writing a Bible story and acting it out. They had all read the scripture passage overnight, ready for this. All but one that is. On the first day, we noticed that one of them did not own a Bible. You can’t imagine her joy and delight when she was presented with one, given to her by the Cathedral. She held it up high with delight, and every spare moment she had, she spent reading it!

The groups prepared and presented the 3 stories – Samuel’s call, Moses in the bulrushes and Solomon’s wisdom two wome’s dispute over a baby. A huge amount of imagination, enterprise and energy went into them, plus a lot of personal interpretation! But the stories came across powerfully well. We loved them!

Very exceptionally, all 20 participants came on both days. It is common for people to come one day and not the next, or leave early during the day. These were totally committed.

The day ended with prayer and the lively, but very moving song, beautifully harmonised. Each person was presented with a ‘starter pack’ in a shopping bag, containing materials they could use to make their garments.

It’s all about empowerment. Life in Abundance monitor all their projects, and they will follow up how these wonderful young people will use what they have learned.

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