A day of two halves

Our programme is taking us to every aspect of life down here, exploring how Life in Abundance (LiA) is involved in trying to fulfil its aims in empowering people to lead independent and fruitful lives.

This morning we visited a project on Nkombo island, one of the poorest parts of Rwanda. The pastor there, whilst visiting people’s homes, discovered many people with disabilities, who were totally marginalised. They told us that other villagers described them as ‘broken pots’ and of no use. He has taken the initiative to try and give them confidence to do something to improve their lot. They now meet together regularly, have begun some simple mini-enterprises, and are beginning to feel valued. One of them repaired shoes (see photo). We met about 50 of them, heard some of their stories and bought some of the goods they had made. We visited the homes of two disabled women. One of them had had 11 children but 7 of them had died. Her house had bare walls except the words ‘Praise the Lord’ on one wall (see picture). We had a delicious lunch at the pastor’s house and presented him and his wife with various gifts for the children of that community.

In the afternoon, we visited a Mother’s Union project in Kamembe. Young people are being trained to use sewing machines so that, after training, they can set up their own business. Our friends from Lewes brought them £2000, which they had raised through their local MU. This will enable them to purchase more sewing machines. The joy and surprise on the leaders’ faces is reflected in one of the pictures below.

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