Home visits

This blog is about Wednesday.

This morning, whilst Jill, Edward and I completed the Pastores training, the rest of the group visited 4 homes. The first one was the home of Taciana which we built for her 2 years ago. It was lovely to see her again well established in the local community. Here is a photo imageof Debbie approaching her front door. Unfortunately, her cow has been stolen which is a big setback for her. But she has bought a piglet in place of it. The amazing thing about her is that a church group was started in her house by a trainee pastor who lives in that area. This  began in a small way but now there is a church congregation of 35 people and they hire a room in the village to hold their meetings. But it is too small. The Diocese is hoping to build a church there! What a story!

The group visited three other homes and were warmly welcomed. These are poor people and their houses are small and dark – it was a job to get us all in. But we found their joyful commitment to their faith deeply moving. The women we met were usually very modest and quietly spoken, but when they began to pray they did so with a strong voice and with an obvious confidence  in their Lord. A very humbling experience.

In the afternoon some went into town to buy tools for the workmen plus 60 pairs of shoes and stationery for the needy children living around Denise’s house. We have come to know them and feel part of this community.  It will be lovely to give these out when the house is formally handed over.

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