Back to housebuilding

This blog is about Tuesday.

Whist Pastor training carried on at Peace Guest House, the rest of the group went back to the house. Their main job was to do some painting. They opted out of painting the walls using rags and used engine oil! But they were able to paint the doors and windows using brushes. Here are some photos to show what the house is now looking and also some of the team at work.


imageIn the afternoon, a number of us took the opportunity to do some shopping, but Ethne was given other responsibilities – like looking after this gorgeous child!

We managed to buy much needed tools for Zachary and his team. It took a visit to 6 or 7 shops to find what we wanted – 3 different screwdrivers, a chisel, a pair of pliers and a sharpening stone. Zachary’s team will now be better equipped for ther next task.

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