Not your normal Sunday (2)

We expected a contrast from our last Sunday  in Kigali and we were not disappointed. The experiences were very different reflecting the area we see in.  We were ‘in church’ three times. The first service was at the Cathedral – 8 am, a semi-formal English speaking Morning Prayer with liturgy but modern songs accompanied by a guitar. I was provided with robes and preached the sermon (see photo). imageThe Dean and Bishop were there. We attended the next service at 10 am in a village outside Kamembe, this one in Kinyarwandan. Lots of children – possibly 100 – plus adults; two choirs, one a children’s choir and a drum. Wonderful singing and dancing which our group loved joining in. Wait for the Movie when we get hone! Service only two hours long. I preached again, same sermon but simpler and shorter for this congregation which was translated. The reading I used was the one set at home for that Sunday – Jesus on the shores of lake Galilee calling his future disciples to follow him. Fishing is important here on Lake Kivu.


After a quick lunch, we were back in the same church in the afternoon for a special event which we put on for them. We did a dramatised version of the Easter story based on the script used by the children at Blakeney School. It was translated and was well received. We repeated it with some of the children acting. They were brilliant! We also used hand puppets to tell the Good Samaritan story. The children were intrigued by the puppets. We finished with some action songs accompanied by Heather and her ukelele.

An exhausting day!

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