Filters to Congo

This blog is about Saturday.

In the morning, a group of us went to work on the house again. There was a bit less  nail banging and mud throwing, as the work centred more on technical things like fixing a lock on the main door. The ingenuity of the men with very limited tools was quite amazing. Imagine tightening a screw with the blade of a small machete! We had bought shoes for each of the workers and these were gratefully received. We  entertained the children with games and activities which they really enjoyed.

The main part of the day was Congo based. We welcomed four pastors from Bukavu, the town in the Congo which we can see across Lake Kivu. These are men whom Claude has known and worked with since his first visit to Congo in 2010.


They had lunch with us; then we presented them with a total of 14 boxes of filters – enough to provide safe drinking water to 7000 people plus 14 African Bible Commentaries each, 2 suitcases containing sheets, towels, toothpaste and brushes, reading glasses and men’s shirts.

They were thrilled with all these things  but their greatest delight came when we gave them a laptop each. They whooped with joy! (Se photo) The generosity of people back home has been such that we found we could afford to buy these bargain laptops and they are clearly going to meet a need and be treasured. They were last lminute purchases, but inspired choices.

The transfer of all these things to their waiting cars at the border was something to behold. Here’s a picture of Debbie at the front leading the transfer of boxes from the coach.


One of the pastors had travelled 800 miles to come here, such was his determination to meet us! He will have a lot to take home! He is pictured above with Heather, Ethne and me. He really wanted this photo taken, the moment was so important to him. We shall email it to him!


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