The roof is on!

When we arrived at the house today, we were thrilled to see how much progress the men had made. The photo speaks for itself.
The clerk of works, Zachary, and his men were ready for us and we went straight to work, nailing battens and wood planks to the rear walls of the house. We had to begin low down -see picture – the nails were long and the wood tough to penetrate. imageIt was hard for us but they made it look easy! Nevertheless, they appreciate our coming to help and work alongside them. There is a positive team spirit between us and also with people, especially children, in the immediate neighbourhood. They have taken us to their hearts and the atmosphere is just wonderful to experience. Half the team work on the house while the rest entertain the growing number of children with singing and activities. There were about 50 today plus onlookers and adults.image

When we got back to our bus at the end of the morning, we were greeted by Zachary and his wife. They had a very large basket of bananas for us which she had carried there on her head. It was a gracious and generous gesture.image





In the afternoon, we went to the local market. It was on four floors, very crowded, noisy and smelly. But we had fun buying shoes for the workmen and materials for the children.


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