Nkombo Island

Yesterday, we spent the whole day on Nkombo Island. We visited it last time and sent over 200 family filters there. It is regarded as one of the poorest parts of Rwanda.

We travelled there on two local boats – see picture. A lovely scenic ride on Lake Kivu, except that the engine of one of them was temperamental. Just a small hiccup, though! We were welcomed by a group of people on the shore singing and dancing. Wonderful!  The walk up to  the main part of the island was really steep but once up there, were joined by lots of children and spoke to some quite old people.

The Diocese has a big role in education and social care here. We visited the children’s nutrition clinic and helped to serve them – picture of some  of them outside the church school. Each classroom we visited sang to us. We divided into groups to feed themin each of the 5 classrooms. There were over 500 of them. All very well managed and organised. Much better than 2 years ago – everything we saw demonstrated huge improvement and progress. Very much in line with the progress of the country as a whole. The church is right in the middle of all this – very encouraging.

We had a lovely lunch in the pastor’s home – Rwandans are very hospitable people. It was a joy to share this time with him and his family.

In the afternoon, we visited homes who were using theimage filters we sent over last time. You have been generous in giving us money for these and we can assure you that  they were being used well. Their use is being constantly monitored by someone from the Diocese. All well managed.

A really affirming and encouraging day for all of us.

Today, there is more house building and a visit to the local market.