Day of house building and hospital visit

When we reached the house yesterday morning, we were amazed at the progress the men had made. We were warmly wecomed by them and also by the community all round including lots of children. So, as well as more batten nailing and mud ball throwing, we entertained the children with songs and practical things eg making bracelets from beads. They loved it all. The photo below show the ‘mud ball chain gang’- by far the best way to get the mud from its source outside to its destination inside the house. The other one shows Denise feeding her cow. What you see is where she lives – two rooms, one she sleeps in sharing the space with her cow. She is getting so much joy seeing her new house rising up so quickly.

In the afternoon, we visited a government hospital. This was by invitation of the Diocese which has a strong presence there helping patients, especially those in greatest need. It is almost impossible to describe the range of feelings and emotions which we experienced as we moved  through the wards and met patients. Many of them really appreciated us spending time with them and praying with them. This included prisoners. The overall ward provision was probably even more basic  than the health centre we had seen earlier, and it was easy to see why we were asked to bring sheets and towels. They will meet a real need – thank you to all those who gave them.

We had the opportunity to meet a group of patients whom the Social Worker identified as being the most needy. We presented each one of them with soap and sugar (expensive over here).

Finally, here are a couple of shots of our sitting room and social area, when we were trying to sort out all the different baby and children’s clothes for distribution. We have a lot of them! You will also see sheets and towels plus blue boxes of water  filters. And ther is lots more you can’t see!  By the end of our stay, the room will be empty!

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