House building begun

We are building a house for Denise, a genocide widow with 5 children in all, some fostered. The climb up to her house was long and steep. It challenged our fitness somewhat especially as we are at about 3000ft. We met Denise and the workers and held a simple dedication service asking God’s blessing on our endeavours. The men had already started on the house but we soon got stuck in – nailing battens to posts, mixing mud and grass, throwing heavy mud balls to create the first wall. Denise came along and joined us in making up the mud walls – it was a special moment working alongside her. We discovered some great building talent among the newcomers to the group. There’s a special photo of them below. Altogether a very productive morning!

In the afternoon, we were taken on an orientation tour of the area, including a visit to the health clinic run by the diocese. This had a maternity unit where we met a mother with her very new born baby.  The very very basic provision here reminded us of what we take for granted back home.

More house building today!

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