Not your normal Sunday

This morning we went to the church Jonathan Lamb normally attends. Some of you will remember Jonathan from his visits to Blakeney. He is ‘Our man in Rwanda’ and has done all the co-ordination for us over here.

We went to the second of three identical services which take place at 8, 10 and 12. The building was large in a complex where cars could be easily accommodated and there was even a ‘drop-off point’.


There would have been possibly 500 at ours! Three screens showed all the words of the songs and also of the scripture references being used in the sermon. There was a music group of 12 singers, all with microphones plus 2 large key boards and a drum set!



The technology was amazing with audio-visuals of the announcements, like ads on TV. The sermon was excellent – we could follow all 45 minutes of it!



Here we are, 20 minutes early, waiting for others to arrive.

Jonathan made a good point when said that this was Kigali – very westernised – and a strong contrast to the much poorer part of Rwanda where we shall be working.


This evening we had our farewell dinner with some special guests – Jean Gakwandi, the founder of Solace Ministries, and his wife, Charles and his wife Juliette. Charles was our guide on our first trip and there is a real bond of friendship between us. It was a lovely and quite moving experience to spend this special time with them.

Tomorrow, we set off for KamembeĀ and that’s when the work starts!

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