10 Days to go!

Everything is coming together in readiness for our journey out to Rwanda very early on Thursday 12 January.

The water filter boxes arrived a couple of weeks ago and have been opened so that we can use up every available space in the boxes for items such as reading glasses, soaps, medical supplies, toothbrushes and tooth paste, wind-up torches, pencils etc.. Here they are in Edward’s garage.img_0618

In these boxes we have enough filters to give safe drinking water to over 8000 people. Thank you to everyone who have been so generous in giving us the money to buy these.

We have also been given lots and lots of sheets and towels which are much needed both in Rwanda and in The Congo. Here is Claude with just a few of them bagged up in lovely P & S Butchers canvas bags ready for distribution between the group.



Each of us is going to include a bag or two of these in our main suitcase. The bags themselves will be really useful when we are out there and start to re-distribute various items, particularly for our friends in the Congo.

Watch this space for more blogs as the trip progresses.

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