What a great weekend!

Last Saturday, the Rwanda group had a very pleasant evening with Jonathan Lamb, who is our ‘man in Rwanda’. He does all the logistics for us over there – the organization, travel, accommodation and also the co-ordination of the various projects we shall be involved in. He explained how far he had got with all the planning. It was exciting just to hear about them! We talked about all the practical things we had to attend to – the medications, inoculations, visa charges, mosquito repellents – all that kind of thing. There’s a lot to do in preparation for a trip like this.

Our appeal in the GVN has gone well. We have received many bags of flat sheets and towels, and they are still coming in! We’ve also received reading glasses and children’s clothes. Jonathan confirmed that all these will be much appreciated out there. I confirmed that we would be taking 16 boxes of filters out – enough to give safe drinking water to 8000 people. I put in our order for these yesterday!

On Sunday, we led the informal service at Blakeney Church. Jonathan talked movingly about how a genocide perpetrator had confessed to his crime and how, after 20 years in prison, he had returned to his village and had become reconciled to those whose families had been affected. They, in turn, had forgiven him and given a piece of land on which a house was built for him by a youth group that Jonathan had taken out. Three of our group talked about their impressions of Rwanda and what they were looking forward to when they are there. It was good to share our hopes and experiences with others in the community in this way.

We’re all getting really excited about the trip. We’ve still got a lot to do but we’re up for it!




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