The group has grown

Since our last blog, the group has grown to 14 and we have now paid our deposits on the flights to and from Rwanda. We leave on Thursday 12th January 2017 and return early on Saturday 28th January.

We have decided this time to dedicate our filters to our friends in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where there is a desperate need for them. We shall be giving them personally to friends who will come over to us from DRC to receive them and take them back across the border.

We are now beginning our fund-raising for this. We plan to take out at least one box each full of filters. Some of us will take two! To do this we need to raise at least £4000, which quite an ambitious total. But we think we can do it. A family filter, which caters for up to 50 people costs £30 (£24 if gift-aided); a community filter, which caters for up to 500 people, and can serve a school or a whole village, costs £200.

We are holding two fund-raising events locally. The first is the Morston Tea Party to be held at Hall Farm, Morston on Saturday 30th July, 1pm to 5pm. This is the home of Heather Harrison, who is one of the group coming out. There will be lots going on. Stalls, games, pony rides, Tombola, swimming, and more.

The second one will be on Sunday 7thth August at 2 30 pm at St Nicholas Church Hall on the Quay. There will be a barbecue with entertainment by The Old Wild Rovers and a demonstration of a family filter.

If you could come along to one of these, that would be wonderful. If you can’t and would still like to support us please contact us on

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