Church full for Rwanda presentation

Last evening Blakeney Methodist church was full! People from the Glaven Valley had come to hear us talk about our experiences in Rwanda and to see video footage about some of the work we had been doing. As you know, very many local people have got really involved in our project and given us a huge amount of support. Without question, the links between the Glaven Valley and Rwanda are firmly established! So it was good to be able to give our friends direct feedback on how their fund-raising had been effective in making a real difference to people’s lives thousands of miles away.

We showed the genocide sites we visited; the wonderful scenery as we travelled south to Kamembe; and, of course, we took them through our various projects. We wrote about this on a daily basis on this website when we were out there. But seeing actual video clips really brought everything to life for all of us including those of us who went out! We re-lived the experiences!

It was really encouraging to see photos of Taciana – the widow we had built a house for. These were taken a few days ago and showed a much happier and healthier lady with her house surrounded by the vegetable garden she had planted. She looked so different. It gave us a real thrill to see this.

A contented Taciana and her daughter and friend - her garden in the background

A contented Taciana and her daughter and friend – her garden in the background

We also saw some of our lighter moments. On one occasion we tried to emulate the elegant Rwandans in their traditional dancing – we got nowhere near! On another occasion, when we were helping to build a house for a genocide widow, our attempts to dig holes, mix mud, bang in nails etc looked very amateurish when compared to the local builders.

A very good evening all round.

Finally, we have good news about water filters. When we went out in January, we were hoping to collect and deliver the pallet of 200 filters which had been bought by the generous donations of so many friends. But we came up against various customs problems.The good news is that they will be dispatched to Kigali in the next few days and taken down to Nkombo Island by our good friends Rob and Jan Hoy when they visit Rwanda later in May. 

Taciana's house 3 months after she took it over - notice the garden

Taciana’s house 3 months after she took it over – notice the garden

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