Handing over the house

Another late blog. I am writing this in Kigali! We had a very good drive here –  the beautiful weather enabled us to appreciate fully the beauty of this country. After supper here, we shall head for the airport.

The main event on Wednesday was at the house which we have been ‘sponsoring’ and, in our limited way, helping to build. As you will see from the photo, it is far advanced. I am sorry that uploading pictures is taking an age, so you may have to do without them this time! The builders have worked so, so hard. To achieve what they have in 10 days is close to a miracle.

Lots of people were there.: the leader of Avega Agahozo (the Association of Widows of Rwanda); the leader of the local village community; the local press; representatives of the Anglican Diocese; ourselves; the builders; and, of course, Taciana the recipient of the house and her two children.

Rwanda is noted for its speech making, and there were a number of them on this occasion, but each one carried such meaning and emotion, that we were deeply moved by everything that was said. Perhaps the most moving of all, was the speech by the local village representative. Taciana has been constantly moving about looking for a home for the whole of the 20 years since the genocide. Her present ‘home’ is in someone’s kitchen in the town. But this house is far away from that, and in quite a remote village. She knows no-one here, but she was made to feel so welcome, and, even more so as the census is about to be taken and she will be included in it!

The ceremony ended with a prayer of blessing and the handing over of the keys of ‘Glaven Home’. A really really moving moment. Taciana has her home. There is still some work to do and mud needs time to dry out, but there it is – a home she can truly call hers. It has been a privilege to work alongside Rwandans to make this possible. Because of Avega, we shall be able to regular updates on how Taciana is getting on.

We managed to find a suitable piece of wood and some paint to write Glaven Home on!

The main afternoon activity was at St Matthews School, which was clearly the best session the ladies had done. They came back on a ‘high’! Before that, we made a brief visit to the Diocesan Health Centre to deliver medical supplies which had been kindly donated by a friend who used to live in Blakeney.

Pictures to follow. Now leaving for the airport .

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