Every day is different

I was about to write my blog last evening when the skies lit up with lightning, and thunder claps crashed around and directly above us – we’ve never experienced a tropical storm like it! Almost frightening at times. Our electronic systems froze and that was that!

So here’s Monday’s blog a day late.

One of the families we visited

One of the families we visited

The morning was taken up with a visit to the house building project by the men and visits to some family homes by the ladies, organised by the Mothers Union.

The progress on the house was amazing but this does not surprise us any more! The men work so hard.

The home visits were very moving indeed. One of the houses had been built with support from one of our group and it was lovely to see the transformation which had taken place – from someone who never smiled to a house proud happy mother. The welcome received in each home

Loading water filter boxes and other things into vehicle for DRC

Loading water filter boxes and other things into vehicle for DRC

was most heart warming. In one house, there were 18 people in a room about 8ft by 8 ft – 8 of us plus extended family. But somehow, we were comfortable enough.

Later, we enjoyed lunch with 4 pastors from Congo DRC. We had invited them here to receive gifts of water filters, African Bible Commentaries, clothes, wool and knitting needles and many other things. Three of them were from Bukavu, just over the lake from here, but the other had travelled for a whole week to be able to meet me. He said that he particularly wanted to bring greetings from  a very old pastor in his area, who had worked with my father in the 1940’s. All these men had been influenced by my father’s ministry one way or another. They love to maintain contact, and we have tried to do on each of our visits here. We had a little presentation ceremony, when the pastors thanked us for everything and told us how valuable the filters are to them. One of them told us how illness had been reduced considerably since they had been using them. It made us really happy to hear that!

Having lunch with the pastors on the terrace of our villa

Having lunch with the pastors on the terrace of our villa

Then, we loaded the coach with all the goods to take down to the Rwanda/ DRC border. That was the easy part! When we got there, there was the usual bustle of activity but no vehicle to receive our goods! The pastors’ driver just didn’t arrive. Eventually, they went back over the border to hire a vehicle. Our coach was only 20 metres from this car when it came, but we were categorically not allowed to take our goods from bus to car. We had to use local porters who argued vociferously with us over the price!! It look a long time to agree a price. So, it was with a sense of relief but joy, that we waved them goodbye over the border.

One thought on “Every day is different

  1. Glad things seem to be going so well with every project so far! Well done Claude and everyone! I look forward to reading your posts, as I know everyone back here does too – and well done Claude for keeping the Blog going regularly, with great pictures as well! Best Wishes for the rest of the trip, and safe journey home. Best Wishes, Andy (Tony) Gage.

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