Two busy days

I’m sorry you didn’t get a blog yesterday but there just wasn’t time! We had a full day anyway with pastor training, house building, another session at the school and, of course, moving out of our rooms. The visit of the Prime Minister caused many alterations to plans and Peace Guest House had to work very hard to accommodate all his needs and those of his retinue. As a result this, our evening meal came late and, after it, we went to bed. The whole episode was very interesting to observe!  Jonathan, our organiser, is also the manager of Peace Guest House, and he did really well to handle it all . He was exhausted by the end of the day! By the way, there was a fierce thunderstorm to contend with as well.

Today, we had a most rewarding morning at the house building. The builders had made a huge amount of progress since we were last there! We all made our contributions to the work, using machetes, sawing, banging nails, heaving  large balls mud mixed with grass on to the walls. We were very involved. Pictures of  the house tomorrow.

This afternoon, we relaxed by taking a trip on a small boat on lake Kivu. Tomorrow we are going to a service at the Cathedral at 8 am, then on to another service in a village church! So, we’re getting an early night . More news tomorrow.

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