Consolidation and anticipation!

Today, we followed up our work with children and pastors. The Christmas drama has now been shared with 250 children and we visit two more classes tomorrow. Classes rarely have fewer than 50 children. The picture below shows them writing on the Christmas cards to take home. The pastors just love working together. The discussions became ever more animated as they gained in confidence working with the material we gave them. As part of their work, they read articles about refugees,  widows and orphans. We asked them how they responded to people like this in their parish communities. We were most moved by the stories we heard. Imagine one pastor housing 8 families on behalf of the government! This has actually happened.

Children preparing their Christmas cards to take home

P Children preparing their Christmas cards to take home

You can never anticipate what is going to happen out here! Tomorrow, the Prime Minister, no less, is coming to stay at Peace Guest House, using ‘the Villa’ . He arrives tomorrow and will stay overnight. He is coming to see how the people in this area use the Community Service day on Saturday. (On the last Saturday of each month, everyone is required to engage in community work). The villa is where we spend a lot of our leisure and planning time. It has two bedrooms, a lounge area and a terrace where we have lunch every day. The lounge has been full with boxes of water filters, material for the school work, and a number of large suitcases full of clothes and a host of other materials yet to be distributed.  All this has to be moved out to accommodate him and then moved back again. The Hackfords and Scotts have to vacate their bedrooms. Here are pictures of the ‘presidential suite’ which the Prime Minister will use and which the President has used on previous occasions. We are intrigued by the whole episode.

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