Hard work and drama!

What a day! It began with all of us going to a building site a half hour’s drive away from Peace Guest House. This is where a house will be built with money donated by generous people from North Norfolk. When finished, this house will be given to a genicide widow, and was then raped by a soldier. She remarried and now has two children but her second husband has left her. She had HIV and is currently living in someone else’s kitchen. She was there when we arrived and it was good to know that, very soon, she will be able to have her own home. The location is stunning, overlooking hilly tea plantations. We had a most moving little gathering with her which ended with a prayer for the project and especially for her and her family, and also for the ‘builders’. The men in our group (that is, all two of us!) spent a long, hot morning helping to begin the building process. Talk about hard work! But amazingly, by lunchtime, huge progress had been made. No architect’s drawings but building lines of perfection! Pictures will follow.

The ladies of the group went to St Matthews School and did their Bible Christmas story drama to a class of 72 pupils! Some of the children joined in the second rendering. They all loved it! After this, they sang songs in English with actions. Each child had a Christmas card to write on and take home! They wanted to know who was on the cards having nit seen anything like it before! They will treasure those cards. Thanks to you all who provided them. Tomorrow, they will repeat this with two more classes.

Only one photo today – technical hitch! More tomorrow.

Getting ready to board the bus for St Matthews School.

Getting ready to board the bus for St Matthews School.

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