Sunday in Kigali

Sundays in Rwanda always offer something special particularly in relation to the morning service! This morning we were the guests at the monthly service held at Solace Ministries held primarily for widows of the genocide and their families. What’s a service! It started at 9 45 and ended at 12 45! A common thread throughout was the most moving worshipful congregational singing led by four able young musicians. Even though we did not know the words, we felt totally at one with them in their witness to the goodness and faithfulness of God. Three personal testimonies were nearly sermons in themselves but revealed how grateful they were for God’s blesing In every aspect of their lives, even though materially they have so little. When I finally got up to preach, it was nearly 12 o’clock! The strongest impression of all, though, was that they wanted us to know how much we were all part of God’s family. We were one with them and they were one with us.

in the afternoon, we visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial where 259 000 victims of the genocide are buried. The horrors and atrocity of the killings came home to us as we saw the pictures and read about what happened in 1994.

The group!

The group!

The rest of the day we spent at leisure. Tomorrow is spent travelling south to Kamembe where we shall spend the rest of our time.

5 thoughts on “Sunday in Kigali

  1. Dear Africa Glaven Mission
    I so look forward to looking at your blogs each morning. It is the first thing I do after my early morning cup of tea! Also to check out Bishop Graham’s Holy Land Pilgrimage which is also posting daily blogs & photos.
    We shall remember you all at Communion & Bible study this morning
    Love from a windy, cold Norfolk
    Jo x

  2. It was so good to have news of your journey & first day in time for the Sunday services, where we remembered you all in prayers & reading the blog that Alison had written out for me to share with everyone
    love Jo

    • Thank you, Jo, for remembering us in the services on Sunday. For our part, we brought greetings from you all to our friends in Kigali who were thrilled to think that you were thinking of them.
      Love, Claude

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