A day of mixed emotions

I said it was going to be a very full day and it was!

We began with a visit to a Health Clinic in the outskirts of Kigali. We are staying at Solace Guest House and Jean Gakwandi, founder of Solace Ministries took us to one of their projects Рan  excellent Health Clinic on the outskirts of Kigali. On the way there we noticed how much Kigali had moved on since we were here two years ago. Other Solace projects we visited included a farm and a group of houses, both developed to support genocide widows. It was lovely to be able to go into one of these homes and meet the family.

We were very moved by a visit to the Ntarana Genocide Memorial which was a church in which more than 5000 people were slaughtered when they thought it was a place of refuge and safety.

The day ended with much laughter as we tried to master the art of traditional Rwandan dancing!

Children following us on our way

Children following us on our way

It is extraordinary how one day in this country can encompass so many different emotions.