10 days to go!

We’ve had our final meeting and made sure everything is Ok for the journey. Now, we are all working hard on ‘luggage management’, that is, making sure we get as much as we can in our suitcases, without exceeding the 23 kg limit! Quite apart from money donated for water filters, people have been so generous in giving us lots and lots of goods to take out with us – pens and pencils, knitting needles, sewing kits, wind-up torches, reading glasses, Bibles, clothes (including some beautiful baby clothes)’ loom bands, wool medical supplies, Christmas cards with nativity scenes on, (and probably lots more I can’t remember right now!), plus, of course, water filters. A consignment of 400 family filters will be shipped over to Rwanda separately – far too many for us to take out ourselves. This is  enough for half of the population of Nkombo Island! But we are taking 6 boxes with us, most of which are for the Congo. These include 6 ‘community filters’, each of which can provide safe drinking water to 500 people or more, and 12 more family filters.

We have a full two-week programme ahead of us and we shall keep you posted here on what we have been experiencing and what we have been doing.

We leave Blakeney about 4 am on Friday 23 February.

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