Message from Gill Griffith of the Safe Water Trust

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John and Gill Griffith are the founders of the Safe Water Trust and design and produce the Aquafilters which we take out. They have just come back from touring the Rwanda and Kenya, monitoring various water filter programmes. Here is a word posted by Gill on Facebook just before they came back home:

“On Tuesday went to an island on Lake Kivu, near Cyangugu and the Congo border. 
We carried out a preliminary training session in preparation for 400 family filters to arrive and be distributed in January, donated by friends of Claude Scott and his Church in Blakeney.”

These photos show them (i) disembarking for Nkombo Island and (ii) training people there in how to use the filters.

2 thoughts on “Message from Gill Griffith of the Safe Water Trust

  1. It’s heartening to find such a site and in particular in relation to Kenya. I am the sole sponsor of a charity about to be registered but already official . With the help of friends and the people of Oswestry and Shropshire borders, We raised 900 GBP to provide a water tank and pump for a community of 500 children at a bush school, only one hour by road from Garissa (and affected by the recent larg-scale tragedy). I set up the charity over a year ago, having sponsored personally a Kenyan family, with my husband,, since 2011. I met Esther,the widowed motherof four boys, in Tsavo West in December 2010 and we have become firm friends. Her integrity, reliability and spirit of entreprise are valued by teachers and parents who appointed her as their spokesperson. When setting up the charity It helped that I had lived in Kenya (in the early 70s) and am familiar with Swahili. I made many visits between1963 and 1981. We, the group who support Ivuusya Primary School and community are now desperate for help keeping th tank full -it costs 20000 KES per month.
    this is not a sustainable sum for our charity. We want to return to fund-raising for everything from sanitary protection to classrooms. Could you suggest an organisation which might step in?

    Water Aid are not in the area – maybe because the village of Nuu is so close to the Somali border and on a map Nuu is close to a river – the Ivuusya – which is a tributary of the Tana. In the lifeime of the people of this bush commuity the river has always been dry. They have helped themselves by creating a well and drinking the water from it after boiling on a wood fire. That is what they were drinking when I was introduced (not in person) to the community by Esther. Her five-year-old son drank some 3 years ago and within a day he was fighting for his life at Mwingi hospital. Thankfully he recovered. after 3 months. of.

    Your charity is commendably dedicated to saving lives in relief camps, whish is a mammouth, on-going task in itself. With your experience in the field, it would be appreciated if you could isuggest a link to an organisation which might consider providing funding as outlined above to this community in an area which provided a livelihood to many in the 19th century. There is strong evidence of global warming here; There has been no measurable rain in the 4 1/2
    years I have been involved with is drought-stricken area, and the locals say the dry period extends over 12 years.

    Thank you for reading this long message.

    Best wishes in your work,

    Cathrine Bynon (Miss)

    • Dear Cathrine

      Your ‘post’ was written such a long time ago and I am really sorry that I have only just found it to reply. Everything goes quiet online for us between one visit and the next, and I don’t look at our website much in that time.

      Just to say that we use water filters from the Safe Water Trust to take out to Rwanda but we are just a small group of people. We ourselves are not a charity and we don’t source any funds from anywhere else except by gifts from friends in this local community. So, I am afraid I cannot help you in your search for a suitable funding organisation for what is such a worthwhile project. I hope that by now, you may have found help from somewhere.


      Claude Scott

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