Roger – Genocide Baby

There was a really good audience at Blakeney Methodist Church on October 27th for the showing of this BBC film. As Roger’s story unfolded, we learned more about what happened to him and his mother when his father was shot and came to realise that this was the experience for hundreds of thousands of others at the time of the genocide. We were deeply moved to hear the teenager’s own search for some kind of reconciliation with his father’s killers and to see if he could find a way to forgive them, as indeed his mother had done. Roger took part in a national remembrance event, singing with other young people in front of thousands of people, some of them clearly still traumatised by the memory of the genocide. All in all, this was a very moving experience for all of us and gave us new and very deep insights into a nation which has made huge strides since the genocide, but is still coming to terms with events of 1994.

Our thanks to Paul Dickson for bringing the film to us and to Illumineé, Roger’s mother, for answering our questions with such openness and honesty.

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